The Impact of Grants Provided For Ukraine Relief

April 3, 2024

Adrian Goretzki

Adrian Goretzki, President and Founder of Healthcare Education Institute

Healthcare Education Institute was one of six organizations providing aid and support to those affected by the war in Ukraine that received the RARE Relief Impact Grant. Adrian Goretzki, President and Founder of Healthcare Education Institute, shared an update about the work done in the past two years:

Two years have passed since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, prompting us at the Healthcare Education Institute to reflect on our humanitarian activities thus far. During this time, we’ve achieved significant milestones together:

  • Assisting over 100 families of refugees with rare diseases in accessing essential therapies
  • Sending 33 humanitarian shipments to 12 Ukrainian hospitals dedicated to treating rare disease patients, both adults and children
  • Donating medicines & medical equipment valued at over $75,000
  • Creating 2 websites, 4 printed brochures, a set of infographics, and 8 informative videos tailored to rare disease refugees in Poland
  • Offering vital legal support for Ukrainian rare disease patients navigating healthcare and social systems in Poland
  • Launching the project, amplifying the voices of patients and physicians through video testimonials
All of these would not be possible without the generous support of Global Genes in 2022, and for that, we are sincerely thankful. You were the first ones to respond to the crisis and I can assure you that the Ukrainian rare disease community will remember this for years.

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