June Poetry Contest Entries- Week 3

June 21, 2013

We loved reading through all the new entries for June’s “Perseverance” themed poetry contest. There is still plenty of time to enter the contest, and it is open to anyone, any age, from anywhere.  One entry per contestant will be accepted. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a surprise gift bag from Global Genes. You can enter here.

While we won’t be selecting a winner until the end of the month, we will be making the entries available live, each Friday right here on the site! Here are this week’s entries:



By Beth Ridgeway

the pain is with me
day and night.
there are times in which
it starts to disappear,
but then,
I do those things
which most people
know as ‘living’;
and, the pain
rushes right back home…
back to where it tries to
rule my life.
yet in all the ways
I describe myself,
artistic, creative,
musical, poetic,
loving, faithful,
loyal, brave…
pain is never a factor.
you see, although
it’s always there, pain
will never, ever
be the definition of my life.
I am stronger
than any pain which
ever tries to
rule my life.


Third Anniversary of My Diagnosis

Janet Mills

Three years ago today
As we sat in the doctor’s office
Hands clasped together
I knew before he spoke with solemn voice
“You have CADASIL.”

Three mere words
An acronym of three syllables
Altered my life and that of my husband
Further tilting our family’s world
But we had answers, finally.

That day, never forgotten
Marked each year thereafter
Without celebration
Three will become four, God willing
The clock will carry on.

A future in haze
Unpredictable, bittersweet
Yet bringing a fresh perspective.
I envision the cure
And embrace the challenge.



By Bri Thompson

To be confident…

To be strong…

To be appreciated…

To be valued…

To be respected…
Never confident…

ALWAYS strong…

Seldom appreciated…

Less than valued…

Hollowed by disrespect…
When love and family are rejected and futures appear bleak…

Finding the will to commit fully to change…

Accepting that changing the self is the ONLY way to succeed…

Cradling the hope that DOES remain, however small, stowed and hidden in a place rarely ventured… Thoughts of tomorrow are to be processed like dreams…

Learning to trust that TODAY, NOW are where peace can be found…

Or so I’m told…

Now, only time will tell…


Never Give Up, The Answer is There

By Kirsty-Ann Hughes

Give up, Give in, it’s all in your head.
These are the words so often said,
By doctors, friends and family alike
wanting me to give up,
Not carry on the fight.

Hold on, wait a minute, repeat what you’ve said.
It’s not growing pains
That stage has been and gone.
But where is the answer there has to be one.

Doctor after doctor the same answer was told.
I’m sorry, I don’t know, And you’re not really old.
So it isn’t your age, your tests are all clear;
Maybe it will settle we shall give it a year.

Well that must be it then, I must be going mad,
Otherwise answers the doctors would have had,
But hold on there’s someone else who might have a clue,
They might hold the key and know what to do.

Yes there’s the answer its lies within your genes
It won’t show up in on any screens or machines.
Over the years we had no idea,
But the answer was there and now it’s so clear.

I shall keep fighting each and every year,
Until awareness is raised and the answers are clear.
I will pass the message to never give up,
you never know which year will bring you some luck.

Everyone keep fighting and never lose hope
We all have this life because we can cope!!!


By Chris DiSpina

The woods are filled with so much spirit
It’s so thick, you can smell and see and hear it
Life abundant above and below
Surrounded by all that can grow.

Amongst the trees time slips away
Burdens drop and society fades
All that is real comes to the fore
To make an escape just step through the door.

Locked away behind the timbers
Is a world nobody remembers
Passed over on the way to school
Keeping in step within our rule.

In suspension the past can be
With no reference to industry
Biblical times or yesterday
Appear the same indefinitely.

Life becomes filled with chores
Shopping malls and clothing stores
Working to pay for what we desire
Selling our time until you retire.

Life becomes a long conquest
Consumption overtakes the rest
Payments and plastic become the norm
Repetitious days assume their form.

I break the cycle out in the stands
Away from logos and name brands.
Out in the fields we are all the same
Bereft of ego, fortune and fame.

Grounded by the beauty of heaven
Here on earth we have been given
A place to be true to your soul
Regardless of your social role.

Overlook and you might miss
Total and enlightened bliss
Out below the boughs and branches
Where the grace of nature dances.


By Kathy Scott

As I wake to the sounds of the laughter of young,
I hold onto pain by the tip of my tongue,
Mummy they call as I struggle to rise,
I get to my feet and to my surprise,
Today is a good day my pain, not so bad,
My babies they need me, and not someone sad,
The cuddles and kisses make everything go,
As i’v Feeds to turn off as my youngest won’t grow
I wake to see tubes and scars every day,
Perseverance through pain is just my way,
My sons heart is broken and he too suffers pain,
My daughter so small that we changed her name
So I push all I can to prove I am strong
To show all these around me that I too can belong



By Kathleen Kirkpatrick

It’s a dope I can embrace.
Race to find more.
No cure?
With hope, one day maybe
A cure will be found.
Until then, I will travel the world,
Look in every dark corner,
And on every mountaintop.
I will search each meadow full of flowers,
The faces of my loved ones,
My own heart.
Through the darkest days
And the stormiest nights,
I will keep seeking.
Enjoying every.
Hope is there.
It’s redeeming.
One just has to look hard enough.
And always

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