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CMT Clinical Trial Readiness Summit

June 7, 2024 - June 8, 2024

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As NEW clinical trials emerge for CMT, the importance of optimizing measures, endpoints and the participant experience has never been more urgent! HNF is committed to de-risking upcoming trials by bridging the gap between clinical trial study teams and patient perspectives and experiences.

This impact-driven summit is a chance for all patients, caregivers, clinicians, industry, and regulatory to connect with one another to exchange ideas, and engage in open discussions about the obstacles we face in designing and conducting CMT clinical trials. As HNF focuses on accelerating access to critical research data and specimens, this summit will also include on-site CMT Biobank collection.

Our aim is to create an all-in-one event for CMT Clinical Trial readiness with patients at the heart and center!

What to expect:

  • Share your lived experience and patient/caregiver perspective during clinical trial design brainstorming sessions with industry partners currently planning human trials
  • Donate blood/urine samples to the CMT Biobank for expedited access to researchers currently working on CMT treatments
  • Connect and socialize with other individuals living with CMT
  • Learn what it takes to be part of a CMT clinical trial
  • And much more – coming soon

Learning Objectives:

  • Come together to share common ideas and open dialogue about the challenges we need to overcome so that we can work together and amplify the CMT patient voice and plan successful clinical trials.
  • Discover valuable insights into the patient’s experiences, challenges, and perspectives in navigating clinical trials, contributing to shaping future progress.
  • Bridge the gap between clinical trial study teams and patient perspectives and experiences.