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Across Healthcare Enters Collaboration with n-Lorem Foundation to Develop Submission Platform for Docs

April 16, 2024

Rare Daily Staff

The nonprofit foundation n-Lorem has entered into a collaboration with the technology company Across Healthcare to develop a first-of-its-kind submission platform and system that allows research physicians from across the United States to submit applications for treatment for their patients with rare illnesses with 30 or fewer known patients.

As a non-profit, n-Lorem’s mission is to discover, develop and provide treatment for free, for life to the rare patients that are selected after a thorough internal and external application review process. This process includes a physician application for their patient, evaluation of the disease-causing genetic mutation and patient’s clinical manifestations, and discussion with a team of external experts on the Access to Treatment Committee to make recommendations on acceptance.

To make its decisions, n-Lorem requires robust data on each patient’s genotype and phenotype to determine whether a given mutation will become a drug target in its discovery and development pipeline. To date, n-Lorem has evaluated more than 260 patient applications and has accepted more than 120 patient programs. Each application represents a potential new drug discovery effort.

“The n-Lorem team performs a comprehensive evaluation for every individual affected by a nano-rare mutation seeking treatment through our application platform. The ability to perform a robust evaluation is driven by comprehensive and quality data-this is how we determine whether we think we can help,” said Sarah Glass, chief operating officer for the n-Lorem Foundation. “We have established an application system that was designed to streamline the application process and ensure that qualified research physicians are able to submit applications.”

n-Lorem’s submission portal has been designed to accommodate an infinite number of applications over time. The custom platform enables each physician to create a personal account to be able to submit and track the progress of multiple applications. It has also been created to ensure each application comes from qualified physicians who are at institutions that are committed to treating a patient with an n-Lorem antisense oligonucleotide. The platform and system have been designed to allow for real-time adjustments as n-Lorem’s needs change and in the future will expand to accommodate clinical data as well.

“When n-Lorem approached us about their unique platform needs, we knew that we had to help,” said Jason Colquitt, CEO, Across Healthcare. “Our dedication to rare disease communities coupled with our expertise in developing technologies that connect rare patients, caregivers, clinicians, and researchers, enabled us to develop a flexible platform tailored to meet n-Lorem’s current needs and accommodate their future scalability.”

Photo: Jason Colquitt, CEO, Across Healthcare

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